Expanding Borders

Ten years ago it was all StoryRunners could do to facilitate six School of Storying (SOS) projects in one year with a team of solely American trainers. Fast forward 10 years, and now the leaders of Campus Crusade for Christ in several countries want to have their own SOS trainers so that they can host their own six SOS projects each year! God is at work! He is increasing your gospel influence in incredible ways! 

Countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso and Tanzania have set their sights on hosting their own School of Storying projects. Why? They want to reach the unreached people living within their borders and beyond. 

In Ethiopia, the Campus Crusade for Christ leadership wants to reach the 37 unreached people groups in their country with God’s Word. Imagine 37 people groups having God’s Word for the first time in their heart language! 

The Campus Crusade for Christ leadership in Nigeria and countries from Francophone Africa envision using these oral Bible stories to reach the unreached in their countries and in neighboring countries as well! Your investment in the School of Storying is raising up national teams throughout several countries and equipping them to develop oral Bible stories, plant churches and, as a result, help fulfill the Great Commission! 

As more countries have teams that can host School of Storying projects, God’s Word will be available to more and more who have been waiting to hear of the hope of the gospel. As lost people encounter God’s Word, His truth will resonate in their hearts. As His truth takes root in their hearts, lives will be transformed and those who were living in darkness will be brought into the kingdom of His beloved Son. May God use you and your partnership to see followers of Christ in communities of faith in every unreached people group living in oral cultures. 

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