Use Bible stories to communicate the story of Jesus effectively!

During the StoryRunners Orlando Summer Mission you will engage with God as you explore His Word through a set of oral Bible stories from the life of Jesus. Use those same Bible stories in evangelism with the people you meet as you hit the beach, ride rollercoasters, explore the city or spend time on campus.

On this summer mission, you will be equipped to start a spiritual conversation with a stranger or friend simply by using a Bible story; and, you’ll also be trained to transition from telling a Bible story to sharing the gospel! You will be developed to use these stories to lead a small group Bible study when you return back to your campus!

This summer, reach people at the beach, in the theme parks, in the city, and on the campus, all from Orlando. May 26-June 3, 2021. 

Engage your heart with God’s Word.

Tell His story to others.

Leave as an equipped leader.

Join us in Orlando!


Apply as soon as possible.  The application deadline is April 15.

Due to COVID-19, the summer mission cost is still being finalized, but it will not exceed $900.