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You’re taking God’s Word throughout the world!

Your partnership is taking God’s Word across the world to those who have been waiting to hear His story! God is using your faithfulness for His glory!

West Africa
A local team has traveled to different villages three to five days each month to tell oral Bible stories to the E* people, beginning in December 2020. Since the start of their village visits, 800 people have come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior!

East Africa
After a School of Storying, Mamo* moved to another village to implement all that he had learned. He began telling Bible stories in the heart language of his tribal people group, who are animists. Since Mamo* began reaching this village with God’s story, 50 people have trusted Christ! Praise God! In addition to Markos, several other School of Storying participants have traveled to new villages to tell stories from God’s Word and God is bearing fruit!

Central Asia
Though Faith* was a young believer during her people group’s School of Storying, she has emerged as a leader and has grown tremendously, despite persecution from her family. With our host ministry, Faith* visits fellow refugee families in the city from her people group who are interested in learning more about Jesus. Praise God for growing Faith’s vision to take God’s Word to those who have been waiting to hear His story!

South Asia
Since the School of Storying, participants have faithfully told stories to those around them and have begun 9 story groups, or the oral equivalent of a Bible study. Thanks to your partnership, 54 people from this unreached people group attend these story groups and God’s Word speaks to their hearts! In fact, 28 people have become followers of Christ through hearing God’s story!

Africans are training Africans! One seasoned West African StoryRunners trainer traveled to Tanzania to help train 13 new trainers to learn to lead School of Storying projects on their own! We praise God for raising up this experienced trainer to multiply his life so more unreached people groups can have access to God’s Word through oral Bible stories.

God is using you to bear fruit among the unreached people of the world! We give Him thanks for your partnership and commitment to the gospel going to unreached people living in oral cultures. May He continue to use you for His glory!

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