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Blog: Storyrunners in action

Expanding Borders

Ten years ago it was all StoryRunners could do to facilitate six School of Storying (SOS) projects in one year with a team of solely American trainers. Fast forward 10 years, and now the leaders of Campus Crusade for Christ in several countries want to have their own SOS trainers so that they can host

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Making an Impact on U.S. Campuses

“…We could see the Holy Spirit working in her life all year…” Every other Thursday night students from more than 10 different nations gather in one of the rooms of an old fraternity house for a story group, the oral equivalent of a Bible study. Maureen and Kevin, Cru® staff members at the University of

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Not-yet followers of Christ defend stories from God’s Word!

“They have never tried to force us to believe anything. We are learning so much at this school, and we like these stories,” said Mariana*, defending the Beruna* School of Storying. Mariana was one of 15 participants of the Beruna School of Storying (SOS) this winter. She and the others devoutly follow a regional religion

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You’re taking God’s Word throughout the world!

Your partnership is taking God’s Word across the world to those who have been waiting to hear His story! God is using your faithfulness for His glory! West Africa A local team has traveled to different villages three to five days each month to tell oral Bible stories to the E* people, beginning in December

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What are you waiting for? (a StoryRunners devotional)

This month we want to bless with you a devotional by one of our Story Runners team members. First, listen to the story “New: A New Heaven and Earth,” the last story in The Promise story set at storyrunners.org/stories. Then, enjoy this devotional: What are you waiting for? It seems more than half of our

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Storytelling takes off in Tanzania

Your partnership is raising up a national team of local trainers in Eastern Africa to lead School of Storying projects on their own! God’s faithfulness exceeds our expectations!  Last year, through your faithful giving and prayers, God opened doors for StoryRunners to host two Schools of Storying (SOS) and church planting trainings in Tanzania, led

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African Trainers Raised and Sent Out

Your partnership has raised up a team of Tanzanian trainers to lead School of Storying (SOS) projects on their own in Tanzania and other African countries. These leaders are Tanzanian believers who have committed to a one-year training program to become StoryRunners trainers. This team calls themselves the A-Team.  Theodore*, a young, single man with

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Pass On What You Have Learned

On July 31, five of our Tagalog SOS participants are heading to Cambodia! Cambodia is usually known for its predominately Buddhist and highly unreached Khmer people group. The country depends greatly on international aid, and education is extremely hard to come by due to Cambodia’s traumatic history. In fact, most of the population relies on

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God’s Timing

“I was very discouraged when the Aja SOS finished,” remembered Dodji, our Aja translator and a current School of Storying (SOS) trainer. He explained, “It looked like my people were rejecting the stories.”  So few participants in the Aja SOS in October 2013 were interested in telling the stories that we despaired of anyone ever

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