Oral Bible storytelling is a resource that you can use for personal ministry any time, anywhere. Whether in person or over the phone or over a video call, you can share a brief, life-changing story from God’s Word. The resources below will equip you to learn an oral Bible story, to be effective at using a story for small group Bible study content and to use a story for evangelism.

We have 40 oral Bible stories you can learn and use in your ministry. To listen to our stories, click below.

Listen to the stories here!

When you’re ready to learn how to teach yourself a story, watch the video below! More resources (like how to use a story in a small group or how to use a story for evangelism) follow.

How to Learn a Story


The following resources will help you as you learn to use Bible storytelling in your personal ministry.

How To Lead a Small Group with Stories (Story Fellowship Group-SFG)

How to Be a Good Storyteller

How to Learn a Story by Yourself

Story Learning Methods

How to Start Telling Bible Stories

How to Use a Bible Story In Conversation

The Promise Story Group Units

There is additional information here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.