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StoryRunners® exists to help fulfill the Great Commission among unreached people groups in oral cultures.

We equip people to produce oral Bible stories to launch church-
planting movements among those who do not have access to
the Bible in a way that speaks to their hearts. We accomplish
this through the School of Storying.

The School of Storying is an in-country workshop with local people
who develop The Promise, a series of Bible stories from Creation
to the return of Jesus, in their language in just four weeks.

We do all this to fulfill our vision: to see followers of Christ
in communities of faith among every unreached people
group in oral cultures.

To date, StoryRunners® has completed 101 Bible story sets
(fully or with a partnering ministry).

This video provides a short introduction to StoryRunners®

“Because I was unable to read and write
I never felt connected [to God]. This is the
first time I felt I have a connection with God
and [now I know] God loves me.”​
- Banu, a South Asian woman, after hearing
an oral Bible story​.

LEARN ABOUT Storyrunners

Cru® launched StoryRunners® in 2003 to take God’s Word to oral learners in
unreached people groups through Bible storytelling.


When someone hears the term “oral learner,” they often assume the person
is illiterate or uneducated...

Get equipped in oral Bible storytelling

Join StoryRunners® for a five-session workshop to get hands-on experience
with oral Bible storytelling.

Listen to Oral Bible Stories

StoryRunners® develops a standardized set of oral Bible stories called The Promise
for each School of Storying language...

For church planters

“I work with many women in my church and many of them do not read and write,” she describes. “It is very difficult to help them share the gospel because the methods we have are written.”

Stories of Changed Lives

“It’s amazing. Every week she would come, learn the stories and ask questions.
The stories helped her see the big picture of the whole of Scripture...”

Student Opportunities

Link arms with StoryRunners® to see followers of Christ in communities of faith in every unreached oral people group and in your community!


Are you passionate about playing a part in the great adventure of helping the gospel go forth
to those who are waiting to hear about Jesus?

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