StoryRunners’ 42 Bible stories provide a panoramic overview, from Creation to the Return of Christ, of God’s plan to redeem a people for himself.  These stories communicate the gospel in a way that people from unreached language groups can understand. Click on any story below to hear it in English. Right below is the retelling of the oral Bible story “Go: The Great Commission”.


1. Beginnings: Creation of the World

2. Unseen Conflict: The Spirit World

3. Broken: Sin Enters the World

4. Rain: The Flood

5. Promises: God Calls Abraham

6. Too Old: Promise to Abraham Fulfilled

7. Chosen: David the King

8. No Competition: Elijah vs the False Prophets

9. God With Us: Isaiah’s Prophecy

10. Promised Savior: The Suffering Servant Foretold

11. Arrived: Jesus is Born

12. Revealed: The Baptism of Jesus

13. Living Water: Encounter at the Well

14. Authority: Lowered through the Roof

15. Forgiven: Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman

16. The Soil: Parable of the Sower

17. The Weeds: Harvesting of Souls

18. Astonishment: Miracles on the Lake*

19. Freed: Demons Cast Out

20. Life: Jairus’ Daughter

21. The One: Who Do People Say I Am?

22. Ask and Receive: Teachings on Prayer

23. The King Arrives: Triumphal Entry

24. Goodbye: The Last Supper

25. Condemned: Arrest and Trial

26. Finished: The Crucifixion

27. Empty: The Resurrection

28. Go: The Great Commission

29. Power: God Gives His Spirit

30. Stand Up and Walk: Peter Heals a Crippled Man

31. Boldness: Threats from Religious Leaders

32. The Cost: Stephen Killed

33. A Divine Appointment: Philip and the Ethiopian

34. One80: Paul’s Conversion

35. Crossing Cultures: Peter Visits Cornelius

36. Diversity: The Church Expands to Antioch

37. Sent: The First Missionary Journey

38. Help: The Spirit Leads Paul

39. Worship in Chains: Paul and Silas in Philippi

40. Transformed: God Works in Ephesus

41. New: A New Heaven and a New Earth

*Note: During the School of Storying, Astonishment is divided into two stories, resulting in 42 total stories.

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A StoryRunners team coaches local speakers to develop these stories in one of the 1,800 languages that have no written Bible. Here is the Beginnings story in 19 of our completed languages.