Pass On What You Have Learned

On July 31, five of our Tagalog SOS participants are heading to Cambodia!

Cambodia is usually known for its predominately Buddhist and highly unreached Khmer people group. The country depends greatly on international aid, and education is extremely hard to come by due to Cambodia’s traumatic history. In fact, most of the population relies on NGO and mission-run schools for their basic education.

This presents an opportunity that our participants decided to seize. Partnering with three ministry-run schools in two different cities, these five teachers will use oral Bible stories to conduct English camps with over 500 children. They also hope to have opportunity to teach the full-time teachers how to continue to use stories after they have gone, and how to transition from the stories to a clear gospel presentation.

Please pray for these 5 Filipino participants and their mission trip in Cambodia. Pray for safety and open doors for them, that many children would accept Christ through the stories, and that their work there would lead to further opportunities for StoryRunners to work in Cambodia.

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  1. This is such an awesome opportunity! How exciting! Yes!! I will definitely be praying for these Cambodian believers and those who will he hearing their message.

    Speaking of “hearing”….a very overlooked unreached people group is the Deaf population worldwide. It is hard to get an accurate count of how many Deaf there are worldwide. The lowest number I have seen is 70 million. The highest number I have seen is an estimated 900 million by 2025. We know there are about 10 million here in the United States. However, the fact remains that only about 2 million have been exposed to the gospel. Most churches do not want a Deaf ministry. The only churches reaching out to them are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which we know to be a cult, teaching false doctrine. The are working very hard to reach the Deaf and the Deaf/Blind.

    My husband, Gary and I would be happy to help (we are both Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreters) if you would like to develop a strategy for reaching the world’s Deaf population, who have yet to “hear” the good news of the gospel in their language.

    God bless you for all you are doing!

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